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About Us

BigVoice Media Group is a Visual Arts Production Company specialising in Film, Television, Commercial, Web and Corporate productions.

It is our goal to collaborate, help, and learn. We think of it as more than just a “day job”. Working with dynamic and interested leaders and entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do is the life that runs through our veins.

By combining psychology, marketing strategies and the art of storytelling, we have created a method of filmmaking and video production that has assisted some of Australia’s leading businesses and entrepreneurs by increasing brand awareness, conversions and ultimately, sales.

BigVoice Media Group has proudly established itself as a boutique operation that provides innovative and sophisticated production and post-production services, earning us a respected name in Australia and the United States.

We recognise that each of our clients are different and there is no ‘one fit template’ for every business. Because of this, we take the time to understand what you do so we can tailor our services accordingly.

We will provide you with an extraordinary piece that beautifully communicates your message to your audience and equips your business with the BIG VOICE it needs to survive and prosper in the 21st Century.

Our friendly and approachable team are always just an email or phone call away.

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Corporate Video

Establish your corporate identity, its foundations, approach and key members of the team.

Property and Industry

Showcase your property or land development. Create a vision for a perfect lifestyle.

Infographic and Animation

Impress your audience with simple, animated images and words perfectly synced to a professional voiceover.

Social Media and Website

Grab the attention of your online followers with a punchy, straight to-the-point video.

360 Video

Streamline your business by developing video newsletters, training videos and keynote presentations.


Directly reach Broadcast TV or Youtube viewers with a memorable and compelling pitch.

Video Services

Corporate Video

  • Tell your story - why your business has been established and explain your unique approach to delivering an outstanding product or service.
  • Create brand awareness and introduce the key members of your team to your audience.
  • Shoot corporate interviews with experts in your industry (assumed interviews or panel/forum discussions).
  • This format is suitable for B2B and B2C.

‘About Us’ Video for a boutique surf wear business - XX Bang Bang

Video Services

Property and Industry

  • Capture the ‘money shots’ at the physical location of the property, highlighting the key features of the property.
  • Showcase brilliant, life-like fly-throughs displaying 3D concept maps.
  • Highlight the context of the area, distances to local amenities and services such as nearby cities, airports and other infrastructure.

Property Development Video - created to showcase the stages of a future development

Video Services

Infographic and Animation

  • Entertain your audience with Infographic style animation and typography.
  • Flat or 3D imagery will energetically communicate your message.
  • Ideal for explaining a difficult-to-grasp concept or business plan to your audience.
  • Format suitable for B2B and B2C.

Infographic Presentation to promote and gain sponsorship from exhibitors for the Trading Property and Franchise Expo.

Video Services

Social Media and Website

  • Learn how to best exploit the new video features integrated into social media platforms.
  • Inform your followers about upcoming events, promotions and day to day happenings inside your business.
  • Encourage interaction and participation within your ‘social’ accounts and websites by creating incentive-based videos.

#educationforlife grabs - short motivational clips for Facebook posts to promote an upcoming series of Seminar Events.

Video Services

Business Videos

  • Highlight a product or a package of services.
  • Demonstrate process-critical training videos for your staff and streamline your operational procedures.
  • Give your business the best possible chance for a tender response and highlight your key point of difference.

US Property Investment - Television Commercial

Video Services

TVC Documentary

  • Capitalise on a Direct Response Television Commercial designed to increase your exposure and boost sales.
  • Develop a story / journey based Documentary-style video.

Land Banking Investment Strategy for 21st Century Property Pty Ltd


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Content Creation

Enhance your Big Screen Displays with stunning visuals designed to impress your attendees.

Speaker Intro Videos

Welcome your Keynote Speaker to the stage through a powerful profile video.

Testimonial/Endorsement Videos

Your clients are everything! Why not let them endorse your business!

Social Media Interaction

Engage your attendees through social media interaction.

Events live Australia

Check out Live Events Australia for our full events services.

Event Promos

Publish a short highlights video to promote your upcoming event.

Event Services

Content Creation

  • Our team creates and manages all of your visual content for Big Screen Displays (splash screens / holding screens / transitions / supers / overlays / bugs).
  • We produce Event Intro/Outro videos that excite your audience and pre-frame the event itself.

BigVoice Media Group is proud to have created all Visual Content and Technical Directing Services for the 2011,2012 & 2013 21st Century Financial Education Summit.

Event Services

Speaker Intro Videos

  • Our team creates biography videos to welcome a celebrity or professional speaker to stage.
  • This style of video enhances the profile and credibility of the speaker.

Introduction Video for Motivational speaker, Mr. Eric Bailey

Event Services

Testimonial/Endorsement Videos

  • We simply ask the questions that your potential clients want to know. We produce engaging and authentic testimonials.

Event Recording and testimonial grabs for the Small Business Association of Australia.

Event Services

Social Media Interaction

  • Design your event around audience engagement. This can take the form of competition-based interaction throughout social media platforms.
  • Display any social media feed live-to-screens. This creates online engagement before, during and after your event.

FES 2013 With Tweets

Management of all Social Media interaction, competitions and live-to-screen questions for the 21st Century Financial Education Summit

Event Services

Event Recording and Live‑streaming

  • Our team records events using single camera or multiple cameras and mixes it Live-to-screens with layered effects such as supers, bugs, transitions and more!
  • Live-streaming any type of Event enables you to reach more than just those in attendance. The player can be embedded on any website or social media platform with the ability to capture leads and engage online viewers.
  • Our team is highly scalable, even the smallest events can be captured and live-streamed.

Multi-camera, Live-stream of the Australian Bitcoin Conference.

Video Services

Event Promos

  • We produce short event or trade-show highlights videos driven by interviews from your clients, key team members and cutaway footage.
  • We explain the key benefits for attending your event and wrap up the video with an effective call-to-action.

Event Promo and recap of The Gold Coast Small Business Forum

Our Clients

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Bond University
21st Century Education
Eric Bailey Global
LTG Gold Rock
Mesh Box
Small Business Association of Australia
Financial Education Summit
Trading Property and Finance Expo
All Animation Events Promo Video Production

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Social Media and Website Video


Bond University Film and Television Awards

Trading, Property and Franchise Expo

60 Second Television Commercial

Dillenger Electric Bikes

Kickstarter Product Video

Who is Jamie McIntyre?

Biography Video

Financial Education Summit

Event Highlights Video

Steven Ciobo MP

Event Highlights Video

21st Century Property

Website Explainer Video

Production Equipment

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4K Technology

HD Broadcast

Audio Recording

Live Production Switchers and Audio Mixers

Live Streaming

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